My dad, Tile Contractor



Established in 2003.
I learned under my father, who was a master craftsman. My family heritage in the stone business all started in Italy.  I began working with tile at the young age of 12.  I started my own business in 2003 at age 24.  We have brought our traditions from Italy into your home.
Meet the business owner:
Born in Naples, Italy.  Came to Calif. in 1980.  Started tile with my dad, at the early age of 12, on weekends and school holidays.  At age 16, under my dad’s watchful eye I did my first bathroom floor.  It wasn’t long before I was leading the installation crew.  At age 24, I had a dream and will to start my own business.  I moved to Orange County and started putting my name out there.  About 2 months of networking I started to get calls.  Traditions from Italy has been in homes throughout Orange County, and we are excited for our future years to come.

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